December 2020

How To Find Blogging Niche Ideas + Examples

Posted on December 31, 2020

It baffles me to see a lot of people complaining about how to find a blog niche when I wake up every day with absolutely new niche ideas in my head. So you want to blog and as well monetize your blog? In fact, you want to earn a living with blogging and quit your full-time job later on. This is achievable because a lot of people have done it before. In fact, you can achieve the same but first,Read More

How I Sell My Niche Websites So Fast?

Posted on December 6, 2020

Hey guys! Welcome back to my episode of niche journal. I have 2 things to share with you guys today and the first one is that, I am really not so excited reason because I’ve been writing my final high school examinations in the past two weeks and it’s been nothing but hell to the extent I gave dropping out multiple thoughts. Well, just one more paper to go and I’ll be a free bird. The second thing I’m goingRead More