Computer Science Schools In Oregon

Best 7 Computer Science Schools In Oregon

Oregon is an ideal region for aspiring IT professionals in academic pursuits.

Tech giants like Airbnb, Nike and Daimler, and other thriving start-ups are saturated around the metropolitan area surrounding Portland, so computer science graduates from schools in Oregon have high chances of gaining employment.

Suppose you are looking for the best computer science in this Pacific Northwest region. You must have probably sniffed Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) and Portland State University (PSU) as the top recommended across most review boards.

But there are more options when you narrow down to tuition fees, academic programs offered, and most ideal for international or in-state students.

Our top picks on best computer science schools in Oregon

Most of Oregon’s top-ranked computer schools are located in the cities of Portland, Bend, Eugene, and the state capital of Salem. If you are looking for education in this field, we strongly recommend you consider the following:

  1. Oregon State University
  2. Oregon Institute of Technology
  3. Portland State University
  4. Willamette University
  5. University of Portland
  6. Chemeketa Community College
  7. George Fox University

Here’s why:

Oregon State University

Oregon State University (OSU) is one of the most recommended schools for students entering the region to study computer science. The highly-rated public university has 18,496 enrolled undergraduate students.

Computer science is one of the popular majors in this school, indicating that it is an ideal place for such a program. Other popular majors include Mechanical Engineering and Business.

While the school has a graduating rate of 69 percent, Oregon State alums earn a starting salary of $37,700.

There is also a fair chance of getting into OSU with its 82 percent acceptance Rate. The school has 320 and 284 graduates in Business and Mechanical Engineering majors, respectively.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Another fantastic option for studying Computer science in Oregon is the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). This institution is renowned for delivering Oregon’s best information technology and computer science degree programs.

The exciting part is that the school liaises with industry leaders to curate curricula that improve the IT landscape and meet workforce demands.

The featured IT Programs at the Oregon Institute of Technology include Associate of Engineering in Computer Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology.

OIT also offers a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE).

Portland State University

Portland State University (PSU) is another famous institution in Oregon for computer science students. The highest degree type offered is the Doctor’s degree, and the university has 302 Compsci degrees awarded with 14.2 percent growth in graduates.

It is inarguable one of the best schools in the country for getting a degree in computer science, ranking 6th out of 31 schools for overall quality in the state of Oregon.

The most exciting part for potential students is that Computer Science degree recipients from Portland State University receive $16,128 higher than the typical income of computer science graduates.

Willamette University

We recommend Willamette University to students looking to bag a degree in computer science, particularly at a school in Oregon where they have a high chance of getting in. The acceptance rate is 80 percent, and the school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Willamette University’s claim to fame is its status as the first university in the West. About 3,000 students are enrolled in the private, coeducational liberal arts school that offers

Undergraduate degrees encompass nearly 50 fields, but politics, biology, English, psychology, and economics are among the most pursued majors. There are also graduate degrees in business, computer science, and many more.

The average cost after aid at Willamette University is $34,000, and the university has a 74 percent graduation rate.

University of Portland

The University of Portland is among the top pick for the best schools to study computer science in Oregon today. However, the competitive criteria for getting admission into the university could be a discouragement. The acceptance rate is 69 percent.

But suppose you do manage to get in. In that case, it could be a life-changing deal because the private Roman Catholic university is the only comprehensive Catholic university in Oregon and offers excellent opportunities upon graduation.

With more than 4,000 student body, the university has a college of arts and sciences; a graduate school; and schools of business, education, engineering, and nursing.

The University of Portland has its campus located in the Park neighborhood near St. Johns, and it has been ranked 7th in the West for regional universities in recent years by U.S. News & World Report.

Chemeketa Community College

Computer Sciences is among the popular majors at Chemeketa Community College, alongside Liberal Arts, Medical, Business Management, and Security & Enforcement.

The community college is located in Salem, Oregon, United States. With more than 30,000 student body for each academic session, the college has its campus in McMinnville, education centers in Dallas, Brooks, and Woodburn, and the Northwest Wine Studies Center in Eola.

Notable alums of this community college include Andy Olson, Rashaad Powell, and American Actor Grayson Boucher.

George Fox University

George Fox University (GFU) is a Christian university of liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies. It is another ideal place to study computer science. The institution has an enrollment of more than 634 bachelor’s degree candidates with an acceptance rate of 81 percent.

Located in Newberg, Oregon, United States, the Goerge Fox University is a private school with over 3,900 students combined between its main campus in Newberg and its centers in Portland, Salem, and Redmond.

The most popular major at George Fox University in Business Management, followed by Education, Psychology, Medical and Admin & Social Services, and Computer Science.

In summary

The U.S. News and World Report have ranked Oregon State University (OSU) as the best computer science school in Oregon.

While OSU happens to be our top pick as well, other institutions allow comp sci students to specialize in computer information systems or computer applied programs.

In most of these institutions, you will get offers to study specialized fields in computer science, such as database and informatics, software development, and even computer networks.



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