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Best 7 Free Universities In Finland

Not until a few years ago, the tuition-free education policy in Finland used to be available for both domestic and international students.

In other words, it is possible to apply for tuition-free programs in Finnish universities, but this is only for students from European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Does this mean students from other regions can’t study for free in Finland? Of course not.

There are some universities in Finland where you can study without paying tuition costs due to the specific programs or certain scholarship/financial aid programs available to both local and foreign students and sponsored by the government or private organizations.

We have reviewed and ranked these few free universities in Finland so you can streamline your search:

List of the best free universities in Finland

  1. University of Vaasa
  2. Centria University of Applied Sciences
  3. JAMK University of Applied Sciences
  4. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
  5. Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology
  6. Novia University of Applied Sciences
  7. Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences

University of Vaasa

The top recommendation for free universities in Finland has to be the University of Vaasa. We would recommend this school in a heartbeat for students who wish to study at a Finnish university but has the financial capacity as a constraint.

However, the school is more inclined toward business students so it will favor students who are pursuing a career in such a field.

Nevertheless, the school is a prestigious one in Finland as it has been operating since 1968 and now has four business-oriented schools.

If you are interested in pursuing courses in finance, energy, and sustainable development, research in management and chance, and economic decision-making, this is an excellent pick.

Due to the free education, one would imagine why getting into this university is competitive. It has an acceptance rate of 10 percent.

Centria University of Applied Sciences

With a little more than 3,000 student population, the Centria University of Applied Sciences charges between €7,000 and 8,500 for undergraduate tuition and then €7,500 for postgraduate tuition

However, there are free education opportunities in this institution. The Centria University of Applied Sciences currently offers three bachelor’s degrees for students in the English language such as Engineering, Health Care, and Business Administration, and one postgraduate degree.

The school has its footprint across three towns in Finland and is focused on internationalization.

The Centria University of Applied Sciences does have quoted tuition fees for their undergraduate and postgraduate programs but they offer tuition-free education for students hailing from EU and EAA countries.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is another fantastic option for students looking to study for free at a Finnish university today.

Offering 6 bachelor’s and 6 master’s programs in various courses in the English language, the university applies more and more international students into these programs each year.

The university is made up of four schools: the School of Technology, the School of Business, the School of Professional Teacher Education, and the School of Health and Social Studies.

Although education here is free for eligible students, the university quotes €8,000 and €9,000 for its undergraduate and postgraduate programs respectively.

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Due to the sponsorship that the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences gets from church organizations, foundations, and individuals, they have made their education tuition-free for eligible students.

Meanwhile, students outside the EU or EAA countries are required to pay between 4,000 EUR and 5,000 EUR for undergraduate tuition.

This university is a solid pick for students interested in health care, social work, and diaconal work courses.

The school gets sponsorship for the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland but this does not subject its students to follow the same faith while studying at the University.

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology

We have handpicked the Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology as one of the best universities in Finland to get free education because it is prestigious and has a vibrant student body that testifies to its quality education.

Getting into this university may not be as easy as pie. Its acceptance rate is calculated to be around 15 percent. But when you do get in, you enjoy free education to study any of their prominent courses especially ones in fields of engineering, technology, and business.

The public research university has been operating since 1969.

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Novia University of Applied Sciences is the place for budding entrepreneurs. With four different locations in various towns in Finland, this university houses more than 4000 students currently studying either undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

We recommend this university if you want to study at a Finnish university for free and get the required entrepreneurial training with valuable skills.

The school stands out by offering hands-on an internship that exposes you to practical ideas in your career.

Novia University of Applied Sciences has a quoted tuition of €11,000 And €6,000 for graduate and undergraduate programs respectively.

It first opened its doors in 2008 and has rapidly become a popular choice for students looking to study for free in Finland.

Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences

Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences has long remained a top choice for English-speaking students looking to study for free in Finland.

When you get into this university, you will notice that some programs are administered in the English language which happens to be the official teaching command there.

The university has two locations: one in Seinajoki and the other in Iimaoki in Finland.

The Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences houses different faculties namely: the Faculty of Health Care and Social Work, Faculty of Food and Agriculture, Faculty of Technology, and Faculty of Business and Culture.

The tuition fee for an Undergraduate at the Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences is €7000, while the masters are # is €8,000. But there are still free education opportunities.

Parting thoughts

Remember that university studies (and other levels of education) in Finland are free for students from the EU and EEA.

So if you are a non-EU/EEA student, the above universities will quote tuition fees for your category on their website (which is low compared to most other countries – the average fee is between 1,500 to 10,000 euros depending on the school and program)

However, these universities are still the best for free education even to students outside the EU and EEA because they offer scholarship programs that make enrollees study for free.

Overall, we consider the University of Vaasa and Tampere University as the top in this regard because they had the best reviews and recommendations from current and graduated students during our research.


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