Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Delhi

Boarding schools in Delhi are known for their excellent academic standards and holistic approach towards education. These schools not only provide quality education but also offer a nurturing environment for students to grow and develop into responsible individuals. Delhi, being the capital city of India, has some of the best boarding schools in the country that provide world-class facilities and opportunities to students.

In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best boarding schools in Delhi that offer an all-round development to students. These schools have a rich legacy and have produced some of the finest leaders, scholars, and sports personalities in the country. From modern infrastructure to experienced faculty, these schools have everything that a student needs to excel in academics and co-curricular activities.

Best Boarding Schools In Delhi

Whether you are a parent looking for the best boarding school for your child or a student looking to join a prestigious institution, below are the 10 best boarding schools in Delhi:

  • The Mann School
  • The Sagar School 
  • GD Goenka Signature School  
  • Lancer International School
  • Ganga International School
  • Genesis Global School
  • Heritage Global School
  • Amity International School  
  • Pathways Schools
  • Delhi Public School

1. The Mann School 

The Mann School is a co-educational day-cum-boarding school located in Delhi-NCR region. It was founded in 1989 with the vision of providing quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. The school has a sprawling 10-acre campus that houses modern infrastructure and amenities, making it one of the sought-after schools in the region.

The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and offers education from Pre-Nursery to Class XII. The school follows a holistic approach to education and focuses on the overall development of students. The curriculum is designed to provide a balanced blend of academics, sports, co-curricular activities, and character building programs.

The Mann School has a well-qualified and experienced faculty that imparts education using innovative teaching methodologies. The classrooms are equipped with smart boards and projectors that aid in the teaching-learning process. The school also has well-equipped science and computer labs, a library, and an auditorium.

The Mann School has a boarding facility for students from Class V to XII. The boarding houses are spacious and well-ventilated, providing a comfortable living environment for students. The school has separate boarding houses for boys and girls, with a house parent and a dedicated team of support staff to take care of their needs.

Apart from academics, the school places a strong emphasis on sports and co-curricular activities. The school has a large sports complex that houses facilities for cricket, football, basketball, lawn tennis, and swimming. The school also has a music room, a dance room, and an art room where students can hone their skills in these areas.

 2.  CSKM Public School 

CSKM Public School is a well-known co-educational day cum boarding school located in Delhi, affiliated with the CBSE board. The school offers education from Nursery up to Grade XII.

The school follows the Gurukul System of ancient India and provides an ideal learning environment for its students. Along with academics, developmental programs, interaction with peer groups, and a harmonious combination of activities and studies are given utmost importance.

The boarding facilities at CSKM Public School are divided into day boarding, weekend boarding, and full-time boarding to cater to the diverse needs of parents. The weekend boarding option allows students to stay in the boarding house during the week and go home on weekends, while day boarding offers 40-50 extra hours per month for skill enhancement. Full-time residential facilities are available for 24/7 stay.

In addition to academics, the school offers a range of extracurricular activities through various clubs such as art, audio-visual, dramatics, music, dance, and more. The school also promotes international exposure through global student exchange programs, maximizing intercultural exposure for students. 

3.  GD Goenka Signature School  

GD Goenka Signature School is a highly acclaimed day cum boarding school located in Delhi. Affiliated with the CBSE board, it offers education from Pre-Nursery up to Grade XII, with premium facilities to facilitate academic growth.

The school boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a 60,000 sq. ft. advanced indoor sports complex, a 1000-seater auditorium, and designated learning spaces for music, dance, and art. The most outstanding feature of the school is its labs equipped with robotics and 3-D printing technology, providing students with a modern and innovative learning experience.

The school offers day, weekly, and full boarding facilities, making it one of the most premium CBSE schools in Delhi-NCR. The residential infrastructure ensures safe and secure rooms for students, along with medical aid and facilities for recreation.

 4. Lancer International School

Lancers International School is an awesome school in Delhi that offers both day and residential options for students. They are affiliated with the IGCSE and IB curriculum, which means your child will receive a top-notch education from Nursery all the way up to IBDP 12.

The school’s approach to learning is really cool because they believe in getting out of the classroom and into the real world. That means educational trips are a big part of their curriculum, which helps students get hands-on experience and apply what they learn in class to the real world.

If you’re thinking about the residential option, you’ll be glad to know that your child will be well taken care of. They’ll get nutritious meals and follow a strict schedule to make the most of their time. Plus, there’s a special dorm parent assigned to each student who will keep an eye on their academic progress and make sure they’re doing well.

Teaching practices at Lancers International School are really up-to-date and focus on providing students with timely feedback and asking thought-provoking questions. If your child is a senior, they’ll even get assigned a mentor who will help them map out their academic progress and guide them towards a well-suited career.

All in all, Lancers International School is a great option for parents looking for a high-quality education for their children. With their practical approach to learning, personalized attention, and commitment to student success, it’s no wonder they’re known as one of the best boarding schools in Delhi.

 5.  Ganga International School

Ganga International School boasts a wide range of facilities that cater to the holistic development of students. From spacious and well-equipped classrooms to state-of-the-art laboratories, Ganga International School provides a stimulating learning environment for students. They also have a well-stocked library, sports facilities, and a music room to encourage students to pursue their interests.

The faculty at Ganga International School are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible education to their students. They use modern teaching methods to ensure that students learn in a way that is engaging and effective. The school places a strong emphasis on student-teacher interaction to foster a strong and supportive learning environment.

Ganga International School believes in the importance of a well-rounded education and offers a range of co-curricular activities to help students develop their skills and interests. These activities include sports, music, drama, and various clubs like robotics and public speaking.The school provides safe and secure transportation services for students who require it. The buses are well-maintained and equipped with GPS tracking systems to ensure the safety of the students during transit.

6. Genesis Global School 

Genesis Global School is a leading educational institution in Delhi that offers co-ed day and boarding options with affiliation to IGCSE, IB, and CBSE curriculums. From pre-nursery to Grade XII, the school provides excellent academic support to its students.

The school boasts impressive academic infrastructure with modern facilities such as wifi-enabled campus, e-classrooms, multimedia library, and computerized labs. The spacious classrooms provide a comfortable environment for learning. With all these features, it is undoubtedly one of the best boarding schools in Delhi.

Genesis Global School provides two boarding options: a five-day boarding program or a full seven-day residential program. The school has allocated house parents to each student who take care of their individual needs. The residence staff plans regular activities and outings for the boarding students and provides support during evening study.

The school promotes extracurricular activities by providing an Athletic Center, a swimming pool, a separate toddler’s pool, an athletic track, three sports fields, squash courts, a shooting range, and a horse riding arena. These facilities enable students to participate in various sports and develop their skills while pursuing their academic interests.

7. Heritage Global School 

Heritage Global School is a top-rated educational institution that prioritizes modern teaching methodologies and technology integration to ensure practical application of concepts across all subjects. With a low teacher-student ratio, the school provides maximum exposure to each child, enabling personalized attention and better learning outcomes.

The school’s boarding facilities are designed to offer students a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment. Along with good dining and health facilities, the school prioritizes communication and healthy relationships among the students. The Hostel in charge ensures that students are matched with roommates who share similar interests and personalities, and returning students can request their preferred roommates for the next year.

8. Amity International School 

Amity International School is a wonderful place that focuses on your child’s overall development. They use interactive smart classrooms and integrate technology with teaching methodologies to ensure that your child has a well-rounded education. Plus, they emphasize project-based learning to make sure that concepts stick with your child.

If you’re considering boarding school, Amity has got you covered. They offer separate facilities for boys and girls with caring wardens and tight security to keep your child safe and happy.

The air-conditioned residential rooms come with attached bathrooms and a sitting lounge, complete with a sofa, cable TV, and refrigerator. Your child will have a twin-sharing room that is cozy and comfortable. One of the best things about Amity is that they provide ample opportunities for global exposure. They offer student exchange programs and plan trips and excursions to broaden your child’s horizons. 

9.  Pathways School 

Pathways School is a co-educational day school with four campuses located in Gurugram. While residential facilities are only available at the Sohna campus, the school offers education from Nursery to Grade XII and is affiliated with the IB Continuum. Widely regarded as one of the top boarding schools in Delhi, Pathways School places a strong emphasis on academic growth and career guidance, which is facilitated through a special council.

In addition to traditional academics, Pathways School also places a strong focus on developing a range of skills. Students are provided with opportunities to enhance their linguistic skills through activities such as debating and public speaking, while logical-mathematical skills are developed through engaging in games related to the stock market and working on maths projects. Additionally, spatial knowledge is enhanced through engaging in artistic endeavours such as sculpture and photography.

Pathways School has taken a unique approach to boarding, replacing strict wardens with Residence Parents who serve as mentors and provide round-the-clock care for all boarders. Boarders are provided with spacious twin-sharing study bedrooms with attached bathrooms, ensuring privacy and a homely atmosphere. A common room is also available, allowing students to socialise, study, unwind, and play.

10. Delhi Public School 

Delhi Public School (DPS) has an outstanding academic infrastructure that fosters a SMART teaching approach. The classrooms are equipped with advanced technology, such as E-Beam, interactive boards, plasma screens, specialized software, audio-visual capabilities, and networking. These resources enhance the learning experience, making it interactive, integrated, resourceful, and research-oriented.

Moreover, DPS School is also a reputable day cum boarding school that offers excellent boarding facilities. Each child is under the care and guidance of a house parent. For grades 6-12, students live in purpose-built air-conditioned accommodations, sharing rooms with three to four roommates. Additionally, students from classes 3 to 5 may reside in a fully furnished and air-conditioned dormitory that houses 8 to 10 students. The school provides infirmaries, cafeterias, barbers, communication facilities, and other amenities to ensure the students’ comfort and well-being.


Delhi boasts of some of the best boarding schools in India, offering a holistic education to students from all over the country. From the top-notch facilities and infrastructure to the highly experienced faculty, these schools provide a conducive environment for students to learn and grow. The 10 best boarding schools in Delhi listed above offer a range of curriculums, including international and Indian boards, along with numerous co-curricular activities to ensure overall development of the students.

Moreover, the schools’ emphasis on discipline, self-reliance, and community service instils valuable life skills in the students, preparing them for the challenges of the future.Choosing a boarding school for your child is a crucial decision, and we hope this list helps you make an informed choice. With the right school, your child can flourish and achieve their full potential, setting them on the path to success.


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