Buy a Site

So I have a couple of websites for sale targeted at the Nigerian Audience. These websites are built from scratch with the sole aim of offering services in exchange for cash in Nigeria.

If you buy any of these websites, there can be no iota of doubt that with continued proper management, it won’t generate leads for you as the owner.

Leads = Money! If you didn’t get that.

Types of Sites We Sell

I sell basically two types of websites and they are content-based service websites and Amazon monetized niche websites.

  • Content-based Service Website: These are websites that offer local services to people. For instance, you run a car tracker website in Lagos, Nigeria. Whenever anyone needs a car tracker to be installed on their Car, they find you and they pay for your service. It’s that simple and interesting. I’ve generated over NGN325,000 in revenue in the first 4 months of running a content-based service website.
  • Amazon Monetized Niche Website: These are websites that talk about products buyable on Amazon. I go as far as recommending best buy products in a particular niche and earn via affiliate commissions. I get paid a certain commission when you purchase a product via my affiliate link.

Profitable Websites List


Website 1 – This website is in the home painting industry. Ranking for lots of hiring intent keywords. The website is mostly visited by people who want to paint their homes or office. The domain name is brandable.

Website 2 – This website is in the homes and property industry. If you want to sell your house faster, you want to get an estimate of how much your house cost and where to list and sell homes properties? This website is already gaining lots of impressions for these kinds of keywords and the most interesting thing is that the domain name is brandable.

Website 3 – This website is in the spa industry. I have helped a company generate a 400% increase in sales in 2018 and decided to create a website that converts searchers into customers across major states in Lagos. If you search for keywords relating to where to get spa services, massage e.t.c this website has gained enough grounds to compete and is currently generating referral customers for a partnered spa company. The domain name is brandable as well.


Website 4 – This website is in the manufacturing industry (Borehole drilling). The domain name is brandable and has been in existence for about 2 months fully SEO optimized to rank for queries that will bring customers.

If you’re interested in any of the websites above, you can shoot me a mail via Geekydaniel4[at] or Text vis WhatsApp – 08096789095