IU Bloomington Acceptance Rate

IU Bloomington Acceptance Rate  2023

This article provides an overview of the acceptance rate at IU Bloomington, as well as additional information about the school.

Are you considering applying to Indiana University—Bloomington (IU Bloomington) for your undergraduate or graduate degree?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the acceptance rate at IU Bloomington, what kind of students the university accepts, the application process, and more.

IU Bloomington is a well-respected public research university located in Bloomington, Indiana. With a diverse range of academic programs and a vibrant campus community, it’s no wonder why so many students are interested in attending IU Bloomington.

But how hard is it to get in? And what do you need to know about the application process?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. We’ll cover the IU Bloomington acceptance rate for both undergraduate and graduate programs and the Ph.D. acceptance rate.

We’ll also discuss what academic factors are considered during the admission process and what kind of students IU Bloomington accepts.

Additionally, we’ll provide information on the application fee, tuition, transfer student policies, scholarships, and international student admission requirements.

So, whether you’re a prospective student just starting your college search or a current student considering transferring to IU Bloomington, this article is for you.

Let’s dive in!

What is IU Bloomington Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate of IU Bloomington varies depending on the program and the level of education. For undergraduate programs, the acceptance rate is 69%. For master’s programs, the acceptance rate is 60%.

IU Bloomington Ph.D. Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for Ph.D. programs at IU Bloomington is much lower than for undergraduate and master’s programs. It is estimated to be around 20%.

This is because Ph.D. programs are more competitive and selective, requiring higher academic achievement and research ability.

How hard is it to get into IU Bloomington?

Getting into IU Bloomington can be competitive, especially for certain programs and majors.

The admission process considers various academic factors, such as GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities.

It’s important to have strong grades, test scores, and a well-rounded profile to increase your chances of admission.

What Kind of Students Does IU Bloomington Accept?

IU Bloomington accepts students from a wide range of backgrounds and diverse interests. The university values well-rounded students who are engaged in their communities and passionate about learning.

Students with strong academic records, leadership experience, and a commitment to service are highly regarded.

How much is the IU Bloomington Application fee?

The application fee for IU Bloomington is $60 for domestic students and $85 for international students.

This fee is non-refundable and must be submitted with the application.

How much is the IU Bloomington Tuition fee?

The tuition fee for IU Bloomington varies depending on the program and level of education. For undergraduate programs, the tuition fee is estimated to be around $10,000 per year for in-state students and $35,000 per year for out-of-state students. The tuition fee for graduate programs may be higher and vary depending on the program.

Does IU Bloomington Accept Transfer Students?

Yes, IU Bloomington accepts transfer students. The admission process for transfer students is similar to that of first-year students and considers academic factors such as GPA, test scores, and transcripts. Transfer students may also be required to submit additional materials, such as transcripts from previous institutions.

Does IU Bloomington Offer Scholarships?

IU Bloomington offers a range of scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships may be based on merit, financial need, or a combination. 

Does IU Bloomington Accept International Students?

Yes, IU Bloomington accepts international students. However, international students may face additional admission requirements, such as English proficiency tests and transcripts from previous institutions in their home country.

It’s important for international students to check the university’s website for specific admission requirements and to reach out to the university for any questions.

Factors that can help increase your admission chances:

  • Strong GPA: A high GPA is one of the most important factors for admission. Aim for a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • High test scores: Strong SAT, or ACT scores can also help increase your chances of admission. Check the university’s website for the average scores of admitted students.
  • Extracurricular activities: Demonstrating involvement in extracurricular activities, such as clubs, sports, and community service, can help show the university that you are a well-rounded individual.
  • Personal statement: A strong personal statement can help you stand out from other applicants. This is your chance to share your story and highlight why you are a good fit for the university.

SAT or ACT, Which is better at IU Bloomington?

IU Bloomington accepts both the SAT and ACT for admission. There is no preference for either test so you can choose the test you feel more comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is IU Bloomington a good university?

Yes, IU Bloomington is considered one of the top public research universities in the United States and is highly regarded for its academic programs and research opportunities.

What programs are offered at IU Bloomington?

IU Bloomington offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as arts, sciences, business, law, and more.

What is the campus like at IU Bloomington?

The campus at IU Bloomington is large and diverse, with over 400 buildings, beautiful landscapes, and a lively student community.

What is the student population like at IU Bloomington?

The student population at IU Bloomington is diverse, with students from various backgrounds and interests.

Is housing available for students at IU Bloomington?

Yes, housing is available for students at IU Bloomington. The university offers a range of housing options, including on-campus dorms, apartments, and off-campus options.

Does IU Bloomington have a strong athletic program?

IU Bloomington has a strong athletic program, with numerous sports teams and facilities for students to participate in and enjoy.

What is the student-faculty ratio at IU Bloomington?

The student-faculty ratio at IU Bloomington is 17:1, meaning there are 17 students for every faculty member.

What is the location of IU Bloomington like?

IU Bloomington is located in Bloomington, Indiana, a small city with a vibrant cultural scene, diverse restaurants, and outdoor recreational opportunities.


The acceptance rate of Indiana University Bloomington is competitive and varies each year depending on the number of applicants and the academic qualifications of the applicants.

However, the university has consistently maintained a high standard of education and has attracted a large number of applicants each year. This is a testament to the university’s reputation and quality of education.

IU Bloomington is a highly sought after institution, known for its strong academic programs, diverse student body, and thriving campus culture.

The university offers a wide range of programs in areas such as arts and humanities, business, education, and science and technology, among others.

This diversity of programs allows students to pursue their interests and passions and find their unique paths to success.

Moreover, IU Bloomington has a strong commitment to student success and offers a range of support services and resources to help students achieve their goals.

This includes academic advising, career services, and a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs.

These resources and opportunities help students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their careers and in life.

In short, Indiana University Bloomington is a great place to study and to pursue your dreams. Whether you’re interested in the arts, sciences, or anything in between, IU Bloomington has something to offer you.

With its strong academic programs, supportive community, and commitment to student success, you’re sure to have an exceptional college experience at IU Bloomington.

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