I Sold My First Niche Website For $600

I am really excited to announce to you that I just sold my first niche site for a whopping $600. It’s however small but, is a decent amount for me because the website is just about 3 months old.

This particular website – niche website 1 is in the bicycle industry where I talk about bike pump recommendations and buying guides. Though this niche seemed seasonal, could earn a decent amount monthly from Amazon associates.

My plan initially was to build the website and leave it for about 1 year when it completely gets out of the Google search sandbox so as to make up to $1000/month.

how I sold my first niche website

However, things were not going really fine with my bank and I had to raise funds to invest in my other niche websites so I had to let it go at a reasonable price.

For a website that hasn’t made a dime, yeah! It was a good catch. After a thorough consideration of the expenses, I made exactly 250% in profit for a 3 months old website.


worldremit receipt sold first niche website


The type of contents that are on this site is mainly two, informational content and buyer intent content. I have more informational content on the niche website 1 and point backlinks from these content to my money pages, the buyer intent topics precisely so that way, my affiliate content has a powerful and healthy backlink profile.


google search console

The Google search analytics of the website before I sold it

domain authotity

The domain authority of the website when I sold it

Below is a breakdown cost I spent on the website:

  • How much in total, I spent on the website? I spent $133.05 on the site spreading across content, hosting inclusive.
  • How many months old? 3 months old
  • How much profit did I make? I made a profit of $467

What next?

So I have a plan and it is to accelerate my other niche website in the kitchen industry. I plan on investing exactly $261.78 into content and have fun with the remaining $205 😎… In the next 6 months, I will share my progress here with the Amazon earnings report. So let’s keep building!

11 Replies to “I Sold My First Niche Website For $600”

  1. Well done Daniel. This is a huge win.

    • admin says:

      I tell you, Christiana.
      It’s a huge win for me considering, it’s my first niche website that hasn’t even earn a dime and of course about 3 months old.

  2. Rosy says:

    Nice.. I’m planning on selling one of my own niche sites too…

    It’s close to 6 months and I’m ready to let it go to put more effort into building a bigger one I just started…

    • admin says:

      Interesting Rosy!

      If you really want to let it go, this is the right time to.

      Your niche site is probably out of the search sandbox and can start earning a decent income from Amazon associates.

      You can join some website flipping Facebook groups where you can get interested buyers. Good luck with that and thanks for reading!

  3. Keep building mate. We are on this together

  4. Ademola says:

    Great one Daniel… You did well and I really wish you didn’t have a reason to sell that early – so you can earn more from it. I wish you best of luck with your other niche sites.

  5. Ashe says:

    This is a good progress and I am happy for your Daniel. And yes, we shall keep building.

  6. Martins says:

    Concise yet great post! However, you failed to mention how and where you got the buyer.

    I believe this will help newbies who are looking to sell off one or two of their sites.

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